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Need Identification Health Club Marketing

Need identification is simply identifying the need of the prospective member. Discovering the emotional and logical needs is the single most important aspect of selling any health club product and/or health club service and it is universally understood that if the membership director does not uncover the real need, or problem, they cannot offer a plausible solution and lock-up the relationship. Needs and problems are exposed through effective questioning and active listening.

As I have said numerous times, uncovering the emotional needs of the prospective member then finding a way to satisfy the emotional needs of the prospective member and then giving the prospective member logical reasons to join the health club is paramount when it comes to locking-up relationships. Need identification is going to help you solidify why your health club is the obvious choice for the prospective member.

All prospective members that come into your health club are looking to satisfy some of their emotional and/or logical needs. For example, they might want to train to be healthier, fit, etc. These needs would be classified as logical needs the prospective member is looking to satisfy by joining your health club.

Whereas, some prospective members may come to the health club solely to satisfy their emotional needs. They want to satisfy their need to belong, the need to feel significant, the need to have connection, etc. These are emotional needs that need to be satisfied as well.

Learn to identify the emotional and logical needs of your prospective member and you will grow your health club and your health and fitness career.

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