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MMC® is Performance Based

We are paid solely on the basis of our success.

We are a data-driven, worry-free, turnkey member acquisition company specializing in campaigns specifically designed to acquire new members.

We help you reach untapped segments through no-risk self-funding health club marketing campaigns.
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Meet Chuck

Headshot of Chuck Thompson, Founder and President of MMC.

Chuck Thompson

Founder & President

Chuck Thompson, the founder and president of MMC®, has focused all of his resources in the sales and marketing industry since 1982. He began his professional career in a sales position and through the years transitioned through sales, marketing, management, mid-management, upper level management and ownership. He was a guest speaker at the 1999 IHRSA convention in Orlando, Florida where he spoke on the psychology of sales as it pertains specifically to the health club industry. He has also been published in numerous publications including IHRSA’s club industry. Since 1991, he, along with his team at MMC® has concentrated their unwavering efforts on developing a strategic method that would allow them to tap into the uncommitted consumer marketplace. These efforts have produced an unparalleled formula for success, and a variety of promotions for raising immediate cash, monthly receivables, residual income and unmatched member retention for health clubs throughout the country.

Clients Testimonials

Video testimonials from satisfied Health Club Marketing MMC clients.