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Building relationships with members

Now that most health clubs are going into their slow season we must consider maximizing our resources. The greatest resource we have in the health club industry is guests/members. Over the next few months we are going to have numerous visiting guests in our health club and unfortunately, in most cases, these guests will come and go unnoticed and untapped for future revenue. This is why the health club/fitness center business we love is dying a slow miserable death.

I have often written on the subject of the six core emotions every human must experience and how one or two of those emotions impact our daily decisions i.e., significance, security, variety, connection, growth and contribution. We are very fortunate our product (health and fitness) satisfies all six of these emotions. But we must do our part and anchor in those emotions (feelings) every time we engage a guest/member. One of the easiest ways of doing so is by simply using their name.

Use the member’s name as much as possible when greeting them or in conversation because the member will have positive associations and anchors to their own name. Our names are associated to positive feelings and our brain lights up when our name is heard.

Every time a guest/member comes in your health club/fitness center you must do your very best to acknowledge them by name. Remember the old TV series “Cheers” and their theme song “where everyone knows your name”? If you watched that show you know you felt happy every time you heard that song, and the reason is, is because it resonated with your own feelings of how it feels when everyone knows your name.

Repeating your member’s name in a health club membership presentation is an absolute must if you want to build that rapport (relationship). People associate good feelings to their name and feel significant (important) and connected when they hear their name. Use this simple tool when presenting your health club membership, wellness plan, etc. and you will lock-up far more relationships this off-season.

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