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Throughout our site you have learned a lot about health club marketing and professional sales. Now it is time for us to give you a roadmap to financial success.

You (the owner), have invested millions of dollars into your health club. On some level, you understand the importance and absolute necessity of health club marketing, branding and professional sales. Not to invest into this area of your business is an oversight that must be remedied. By this point you are completely aware that MMC® offers our services on a “success” basis, therefore eliminating any additional investment or “upfront cash” on your part. You also know at this point, to ask your GM and/or sales staff to effectively grow the business without the proper research, education and tools is like asking a blind man to be your professional driver.

The solution

Phase one:

Start with MMC®’s Cash Campaign. This will accomplish the following things and much more.

•Raise the revenue to fund all future campaigns

•Raise the revenue to get your club(s) in mint condition

•Lock-up all members within a five to ten (5-10) mile radius of your health club for two(2) years

•Start building your mailing list, SMS (text messaging) list, email list, social media list, etc.

•Buys you the time not worrying about revenue to start implementing customer relations and loyalty programs

•Revenue to pay some bills and maybe even yourself

•MMC®’s Cash Campaign is designed on a two (2) year health club membership. We do this for several reasons and one of the reasons is to lock-up the relationship from the point of sale. This health club membership is a great value to the public so we look at it as “buying the member’s loyalty” in the beginning. This gives you two (2) years to “sell” the member on staying loyal to their new health club home…your health club.

Phase two:

Roll out MMC®’s EFT/Monthly Dues Campaign. This will accomplish the following things and much more.

•This campaign should be launched within 60 days of the cash campaign. This campaign is when you now start building your brand and raising your rates. In previous areas of this site we shared with you that raising rates or dues is a terrible idea, unless, you are starting off with a surplus of health club members. If you have just finished our cash campaign you have anywhere between 500 and 2,000 health club members. Now, we can start “thinning out the herd”.

Most health clubs mess this up so bad. They are always so afraid of discounting then end up “discounting” themselves out of business. The old adage “you get what you focus on” is so true. They refuse to do it right the first time and build up; instead they are on a slow spiral down. MMC®’s approach is to lock-up every member within ten (10) miles and then start raising the perceived value as getting greater and the product becoming more of a commodity; whereas most health clubs do the complete opposite and start high and then gradually lower and discount their product to where the public perceives the value of the product as getting worse, not better.

•Our EFT/Monthly Dues Campaign is design to capture those targets (members) who were not interested in a PIF (paid in full) option but prefer to pay on a monthly basis. This is a great addition to anyone’s business model because it brings in set revenue monthly; which makes it easier on bookkeepers and management having this monthly revenue stream.

•This health club membership is higher than the cash membership but is also a two (2) year commitment.

Phase three:

Roll out MMC®’s Elite/Ambassador Campaign. This will accomplish the following things and much more.

•This campaign is designed for the member who wants it all. This is the health club membership everyone will secretly aspire to. These are the members who workout three to five times a week, and want people to know their name when they get to the health club, they want to have the nicest lockers, they want to play in all the club events whether its tournaments or leagues, racquetball, tennis, etc., they don’t want to be charged additional fees, they want to walk in the pro-shop and get immediate attention, free towel service, they want to attend the social functions etc. This quality of service and attention commands a premium health club membership fee.

•You are now financially sound enough to charge whatever you feel is appropriate for the level of service and product you offer. You have been building your brand by building the perceived value of your product and services within your market.

•You now have a surplus of health club members and you have been growing slowly through your monthly campaigns getting the word out this is the health club to be a member of. It’s just like a night club or restaurant…everyone wants to go where it’s happening.

At the end of this two (2) year cycle your original health club members will be up for renewal and it is time to raise their membership rates. Do not make them change their membership structure because you do not want to encourage fallout, although at this point you are well prepared for it if it were to happen because you now have a surplus of health club members.

By raising rates you will definitely experience a drop in health club members which might be a good thing at this point and you can gauge what the health club membership value is based on your success. Even the members that drop off of the membership will still want to work out/train at their preferred health club since you have been satisfying their 6 core emotional needs for the past two (2) years and have conditioned them to link happiness with your health club.

Phase four:

Join MMC®’s Platinum Plus Membership. This will accomplish the following things and much more.

•We have set our Platinum Membership on two (2) years as well. This too, has been done for many reasons. First it will take at least two (2) years for you and/or your staff to become proficient in health club marketing and professional sales. Second, it will complete one full cycle of facilitating the most important mediums of marketing media for growing your health club and your health and fitness career. Third, you will have built such a strong foundation even if you only apply ten percent (10%) of what you learn during this period you still will be able to grow the business effectively.

•In the beginning of this you will be starting out with the basics like introductory sales training, building your lists, building and registering for social media sites, doing community outreach campaigns, etc. Since you have already run the cash campaign you won’t have the pressure of “raising revenue” looming over you which will give you the time to do these tasks effectively.

•This membership is as important as any of the other campaigns because without the everyday details and seed planting, the health club will always be dependent on the next “campaign”. Planting seeds daily will pay dividends with compound interest.

•This workshop is where we take you through the seven (7) steps of financial freedom.

If you are ready to stop “hoping” and start knowing you have planted the seeds for an abundant harvest…partner with MMC® today!

Throughout MMC®’s site there is a ton of free information on health club marketing and professional sales training, so please take time to view the entire site for the free tips on growing the game, your health club business and your health and fitness career. Watch the videos (please be patient while they load and buffer), read the text and pick and choose what is valuable to you and fits your current and future business model.

Thank you for partnering with MMC® today in growing your health club and your health and fitness career.