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Health Club Marketing And Professional Health Club Membership Sales

I can’t think of a nobler profession in life than that of helping someone accomplish their goals which enable them to enjoy the sport and lifestyle they are passionate about. You have a moral obligation to provide the very best service you can to help your prospects fulfill their dreams if it is within your ability. 

People have six (6) core emotions they must satisfy and a health club membership or loyalty program satisfies all six (6) of those needs. You already have the best product in the world with the core emotional needs already built in. If a prospective member comes to your health club and you are not prepared and qualified to help them make an informed decision, it is a huge disservice to the prospective member, your business and community.

Whether you own a health club, you’re looking to grow a health club or you just want to grow your health and fitness career; health club marketing and professional health club membership (or loyalty program) sales are the ultimate skills needed for long term success.

Let Me Give You A Few Reasons Why Health Club Marketing And Professional Health Club Membership Sales (Loyalty Programs) Are A Must!

  • Health Club Marketing Promotes Product Awareness to the Public.
  • Health Club Marketing is absolutely the best way to acquire more members.
  • A health club marketing plan prepares your business to be proactive in what the market does. Without a health club marketing plan, you end up reacting to changes and to competition, which means you are always a step behind those who are already prepared.
  • Health Club marketing communications creates “top of mind” awareness.
  • Health Club marketing positions you as a preferred brand and preferred brands command a premium price.
  • Health Club marketing is a function that produces tangible as well as intangible results such as brand recognition, it sometimes is perceived as an unnecessary cost rather than a competitive necessity. During economic downturns or other periods of economic uncertainty, one of the first areas companies typically cut is health club marketing spending. However, allocating steady funding toward marketing programs that nurture customer loyalty and brand-building helps health clubs remain competitive during and after market conditions improve.

Thank you for partnering with MMC® today in growing your health club and your health and fitness career.

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