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Health Club Marketing: Brand Management


Establishing a good relationship with your target market is a very important element in the positioning your brand and maintaining a desired reputation of your brand in the marketplace.

When it comes to brand management, most health clubs are confused as to who is responsible for this position. In reality, every person involved with your health club is responsible for your brand management. The health club marketer is responsible for how your brand is communicated and perceived within the market place and  your front counterperson has just as much responsibility because they have the intangible part of brand marketing which is customer service.

Serving your consumers is the best way for you to project professionalism to your prospective members; from answering their phone calls through assisting them when they come in to your health club; this will help a lot in building the reputation of your brand. These are key components in brand management. It is not only the packaging of the health club marketing campaigns and the pricing structure but also taking time to understand how the consumer feels when he comes to your health club. Is he being left alone to fend for himself or is he given guidance and good service so that he feels very comfortable at your health club and feels as though he is a very important member?

The best way to grow health club membership base and health and fitness career is by making every consumer who  comes into your health club feel like they are the most important person on earth.  In fact they really are the most important person on earth the moment they set foot on your health club because it is the customer who’s  in front of you who  will give you the opportunity to grow your health club and grow your health and fitness career.

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