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Health Club Marketing Doing What You Know

Most people know what to do but rarely do what they know. For example: most people know they should cut back on the intake of fatty foods. They also know exercise will add years to their lives as well as fight off major illnesses but yet they never exercise until they have a heart-attack, stroke or some other life threatening illness. Only after knocking on heaven’s door do they finally start making inroads to a healthier lifestyle. It takes the possibility of death to get them to take corrective action. Even though for years they have heard all of the warnings from their doctors and felt (as well as seen) the warning signs from their own bodies.

Health club marketing is similar in the way most owners must be at bankruptcy’s door before they stop digging their heels in and fighting change tooth and nail, despite all of the warnings from professional health club marketing companies like MMC® and the warnings (as well as pleading) from their bookkeepers. The warning signs are there in plain sight for all to see including staff and members alike; such as  cut-backs in staff, less than perfect health club conditions, creditors calling, dogging calls, etc., etc., etc. Unfortunately in some cases it takes the threat of losing everything to make them accept change and ask for help.

The good news is, just as in the case of the reluctant patient who finally accepts change and embraces health and fitness quickly realizes not only was the transition necessary but it was fun, exciting, rewarding and most of all, the shift gave him/her a fresh new start. Health club owners too can experience this utopia by simply throwing away their old, antiquated ideas of the way “it should be” and accept the way “it is”. I know our clients all say they wish they had called us sooner. I also know from experience their lives’ change dramatically overnight after we launch the program. I can hear their enthusiasm and excitement (as-opposed to their previous stress, worried and defeated sounding voice) as they share with me the positive feedback they are getting from their staff, members and especially…their bookkeeper.

The new direction of the health club industry is exciting and can be just as (and even more) profitable and rewarding than it ever was. If you own a health club or are the decision maker for a facility you know what you should do; now it’s time to start doing what you know. Call MMC® today!

Thank you for partnering with MMC® today in growing your health club and your health and fitness career.

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