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Health Club Marketing FAQs

We work with (1) health club in a given market to capture the non-committed and de-conditioned market within their area…those with no loyalty…and direct all of their business to you. The net result…500 to 1,000 additional health club members…and produce increases of $250,000 or more in annual income.

MMC® provides intense demographic profiling of the consumers in your area, to deliver an audience that no other program can reach. Our promotion connects your health club with hundreds of new “potential members”, and eliminates the need for discounting, advertising specials, etc….all of which devalues your product in the mind of the local market.

Our programs are self-funding…in most cases they don’t require any start-up capital. In fact, we are paid on a performance basis if requested, so we don’t make money unless our promotion makes money for you.

We guarantee you the promotion will be no risk and self-funding. We also guarantee you if you don’t make money, you won’t owe us anything!

We are not asking you to discount. We simply want to create a low point of entry (often confused with a “low barrier to entry”) to widen our market share for the next 45 days. All we want to do is “re-package” what you are already selling. Our health club members usually end up spending more over the term of their health club membership than your current members under your existing business model.

There are only two things we need for our program to produce the big numbers. We need to have good demographics (population of at least 25,000 homes within a 12 mile radius of your health club), and we need a good perceived value to investment ratio. Even if you are weak in one of those two areas we can still run a successful campaign for you.

Is what you’re doing currently producing the results you desire?

We completely understand and encourage you to have them visit our web site as well or call one of our representatives to ask questions. We want everyone on board from the start so the campaign can flourish without interruption.

There is no tomorrow when it comes to success. This is the perfect time to run the promotion. We have run successful promotions during every season of the year. If you’re busy right now you should be preparing for the slow times; if it is already slow, you’ve already waited too long. Now is the time.

Do you partner with them on your expenses and bills? We have seen this scenario play out in the past where one of our prospects was “thinking” about running our campaign and talked to his competitor for his opinion. We were completely unaware of the “thinking party” because he had seen our postcards but had not spoken with us. His competitor called us (after speaking with the “thinking party”) and locked up the market while the “thinking party” was still consulting with his other competitors.

Later the “thinker” called us to do our program but it was too late since we were already partnered with his competitor. You must do the best thing for your health club no matter what others may think.

It definitely is a game-changer. Let’s not confuse “desperation with innovation”. Yes our program is definitely different, however as you know the health club business has changed, and we have to change how we run our health club to be successful. We can no longer continue on with “business as usual”.

This may be something that many would think that is a Hail Mary throw; which is exactly why you should do it, because no one will expect it! Eighty percent of people are broke or living pay check to pay check; if you follow the “norm” you will get what they get…broke! If you want to be successful you must think outside of the box. This promotion and how we run it will capture the majority of the un-committed and de-conditioned consumers in your market and you will look like a genius to your owner/board/banker/family/employees!

Visit the rest of our site and see the hundreds of tools involved and the years of trial and error that went into perfecting this promotion and you’ll know to attempt it without this education would be financial suicide.

But just to give you one common sense reason, let me pose one common sense question… How many health club promotions have you launched, managed and successfully completed that raised more than $100,000 in immediate cash while increasing annual net profits by an additional $100,000 or more? MMC® has successfully launched, managed and completed over 100 member acquisition promotions for health clubs throughout the US thus far.

When you partner with MMC® you are taking all of the guess work out of the promotion because this is all we do 24/7, 365 days a year. Fifteen percent (15%) performance fee (if done online) is a small price to pay for peace of mind. The revenue that you will waste on mistakes alone will far exceed the 15% not to mention the enormous losses in potential earnings. This is not the type of promotion you let an amateur “hack at” to see if he/she can get it close to the hole or, “inside the leather”.