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Health Club Marketing Research



MMC® always starts their demographic study with an in-depth competitive overview (10 miles radius of your health club) to determine your competitors who are already servicing this market with a similar product and services. Knowing their product and services is crucial for you to determine where you stand in the market place and how to create your own niche services that presently do not exist or are of poor quality.

Demographics studies are conducted not only to learn your competitors but also to learn the characteristics of the population surrounding your health club; its size, growth, density, distribution, statistics regarding birth, marriage, education, income, home ownership, gender, etc. This data is important to find out your “target market”, e.g., “knowing” your potential targets within your market.

Naive marketers are frequently distracted by and focus on, a consumer’s annual income and age. This number (annual income) can be extremely misleading. Sometimes more income just masks enormous debt and limited buying power. Have you ever rolled out, what you thought was a great advertisement to the “so called affluent” area in your market and got a dismal return on your investment? Finding consumers with discretionary income is the key; not the income itself.

Knowing someone’s age is just the beginning. Being able to market to different generational needs is the true art. The “hero” generation (WWII era) joined health clubs for different reasons than that of the “baby boomer” generation, just as the baby boomers join health clubs for different reasons than that of the generation “x” and so on and so on.

Massive data bases exploding with information exist that allows MMC® to access critical information, e.g. credit card purchases, spending patterns, consumer purchase habits and demographic data that enable us to profile your preferred customers.

MMC® has a full time, 24/7 (in-house) research center devoted to research & development to gather this invaluable information and keep our fingers on the pulse of the member’s needs.

MMC® uncovers the frequency of purchase of health and fitness related products and services, frequency of use, current users (heavy, medium, light), former users, users of competitors’ products and services, behavioral buying patterns and spending habits and much more to pre-qualify targets within your market.

Capturing customer information like this and using it more effectively ensures business growth and prevents wasteful spending.

After learning your market and determining your targets you must focus on the needs of these consumers and how your product can satisfy these needs so you will know what message to deliver.

This is where both “qualitative” & “quantitative” studies are used to profile your target market.

Qualitative studies such as: communication studies, advertising execution studies, advertising awareness and tracking studies, price studies, and customer satisfaction research, etc.

Quantitative studies such as; focus groups, dyads and triads, in depth personal interviews, observation studies with consumers help us understand the attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, psychographics, personality traits and lifestyles.

MMC® also partners and aligns with organizations that are already servicing a portion of your audience with other related products and services in order to create an extended database of information on how to capture their attention and therefore their business.

With all of this data and information we are able to profile, target and create a marketing piece to capture the attention of the untapped/difficult to reach market. These are consumers who have discretionary income with an interest in health and fitness.”

We hope you have found this information to be of great value. Please take time to view the entire site for additional free tips on growing your health club and your health and fitness career. Watch the videos (please be patient while they load and buffer), read the text and pick and choose what is valuable to you and fits your current and future business model.

Thank you for partnering with MMC® today in growing your health club and your health and fitness career.