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I have been in the health club business since 1981 and fortunately, I am one of those entrepreneurs who stays abreast of the most current health club marketing possibilities and do not live in the past when people were beating down your door to buy a health club membership.  One of the biggest mistakes I see owners make is waiting for January to make their year or at least, to kick-start their year. While waiting for January, they let December drag them deeper in debt.

January is no-doubt one of the top three months of the year for acquiring new members. But you can’t just sit and “hope” for a great January. December is the time to start planting the seeds for a prosperous January. You should be preparing some soft launches for the first couple of weeks of December to start building the January hype to be the health club of choice.

Start putting your marketing strategy together today. Put out flyers, lead (registration) boxes, have 10,000 new guest passes printed up, etc. Start designing your email campaigns, give your web-site a new look, add a landing page on your site to capture email addresses, etc. Get all of your members, past members, and any guest’s cell numbers you have and put together an SMS campaign. There are hundreds, if not thousands of ways to acquire new members, so get started today and you won’t be “hoping” for a great January, you’ll be having a fantastic January.

The great thing about getting started now is you will start locking up relationships in December as well because you will get people excited about your club through all of the exposure.  By simply getting started you will get excited about the possibilities and therefor, unconscientiously be transferring your enthusiasm about health and fitness to all of the people you engage and as a by-product of your enthusiasm, you will sell some health club memberships that had you not started now, you may not have raised that extra revenue .

MMC®, is a performance-based, data-driven health club marketing company that hits ‘em straight.

Thank you for partnering with MMC® today in growing your health club and your health and fitness career.

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