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Health club revenue on the decline is no “news story”. In fact, it’s barely making the news at all. The only people that care are health club businessmen/women. You read about the loss of memberships and revenue on health club forums and blogs. You hear about off-the-wall ways to change the industry to get more people interested in health and fitness. There are new gadgets being introduced in hopes of attracting the younger generations by incorporating technology but in some ways even technology takes away from health and fitness.

The industry went stagnant in the new millennium and in the past couple of years the industry has been in a nose dive. But then again, you already know this. Without innovation, stagnation is inevitable. The health club industry was warned; it better make some changes and make them fast but only a handful of people heeded the signs. I personally saw the signs and started developing innovative ways to save the industry. I know that statement sounds extremely boastful but it is not meant to be. The industry has lost several thousand members in the past few years and MMC® has brought in 500,000 members with our innovative health club marketing strategies.

We have introduced a new paradigm and redistributed the revenue stream. The old health club business model just doesn’t work anymore. Pricing structures and marketing approaches are both outdated. Owners need to re-think their business models and embrace guerilla health club marketing (attack health club marketing). We need to make being a member of the health club cool again.

MMC® is health club marketing on steroids. When we market your health club; memberships and revenue recover fast and the strength of your brand gets stronger.

Thank you for partnering with MMC® today in growing your health club and your health and fitness career.

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