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Preferred social media platforms are changing fast and trying to stay abreast of the new “in” platform is daunting. First it was Facebook then Twitter, then Snapchat and there will be another, then another. Targeting Millennials is far more complicated than just learning how to build a FB page or tweeting on Twitter. Millennials jump platforms like prospective members jump from club to club looking for the “deal of the day”. About every 2 years there is a new “in” platform. The only way to get in their circle and follow their next step is to get them in your circle first.

Again, this is just one more example of “everyone” missing the boat. They buy into the BS about this new free marketing. Social media marketers want you to believe you need them or you’ll never engage the Millennial. The fact is, Millennials have to live somewhere and there is no better media to engage Millennials than a profiled, personalized piece of direct mail. For some reason the so called “experts” think you must re-invent the wheel just as a lot of industry people think they need to re-invent the business model when that is the furthest from the truth. You do need to update and upgrade it but the wheel is the wheel, just as the business model is the business model.

Yes social media marketing is free but only after you build your list by engaging the Millennial and get them to opt-in to your list. Your Facebook page can draw business but only relative to your “likes” or friends. People who are successful at marketing through social media have a quality list and/or followers and those who don’t have very little to any chance of maximizing these platforms. Most businesses who have experienced great success using social media and e-marketing have been building their lists for years with hundreds, if not thousands of followers. They also need to stay abreast of the latest “new” platforms to stay connected.

The fastest way to build your list is by partnering with MMC® in a no-risk/self-funding marketing campaign to increase memberships, revenue and member loyalty. We charge absolutely no up-front fees and our campaigns are completely self-propelled i.e., they completely pay for themselves every step of the way or you simply cancel our agreement and not pay us anything. We incorporate direct mail as well as multiple platforms and mediums to build the most productive in-house list you could ever hope for. MMC® has raised millions of dollars in revenue for our numerous clients and has acquired hundreds of thousands of members through our data-driven, worry-free, health club marketing campaigns.

MMC® can design, implement and manage a successful campaign locking-up hundreds of members within a twelve-mile radius of your health club for as little as 4% (success fee) of the revenue raised by MMC®. That’s correct; you will pay MMC® less than 4% of the gross revenue raised by MMC®. We can launch a program for most health clubs without spending one penny up-front. No it’s not “too good to be true”; it’s just competent marketing. Don’t struggle another season; pick up the phone and call us today.

This is not a “get rich quick scheme” it’s thinking outside-the-box and redirecting the revenue stream. MMC®’s programs give you the cash you need today and the security you’ll need tomorrow.

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