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It is time the health club industry faces reality. For the past decade, owners and managers have been complaining about the decline in health club memberships and revenue.

Unfortunately, clubs are still losing members and revenue every year. Everyone makes excuses for the downturn like, there are too many health clubs and consumers are losing interest in health and fitness. The reality is, the powers-that-be in the industry are living in the past and refuse to face the reality that the industry must change and adapt to a new consumer. If we continue to try to do business like our fathers and grandfathers we will bury our businesses just as we are burying our most dedicated members. The Hero generation is dying off and they are the last of the traditional committed core members.

The Hero generation lived for the club; they socialized at the club, conducted business at the club, networked at the club and supported the club wholeheartedly but those days are over. Baby boomers are far less committed to the club and exercise their options for getting the best bang for their buck. Generation X as well as the Millennials is so digitally connected they don’t make time for health and fitness and when they do, they go on-line to find the deal-of-the-day on health club passes.

There are basically three categories of members; core members (mostly Hero generation with a few Baby boomers) are health and fitness conscientious who train at least two to three times per week and spend pennies doing so because they are on a fixed budget, casual (non-committed) members (primarily Baby boomers) who train two to three times per month but are non-committed and will train wherever they get the best “deal”, and finally the deconditioned prospects (most likely Millennials) who have shown an interest in health and fitness through their buying habits but rarely train if ever.

The reality of the industry is, there are plenty of prospective members to support all clubs but most clubs are destined to fail because no one is thinking outside-the-box on how to capture this elusive market. People are trying all kinds of wacky ways to change the industry but the industry is not the problem; the problem is your marketing and antiquated business model. MMC® has locked-up relationships with hundreds of thousands of members for our numerous partnering health clubs over the past twenty years while everyone else is still waiting for things to get better. Well, guess what; they are not going to magically get better until you learn to accept reality and adapt to the changing market. I once hear “you can ignore reality but you can never ignore the consequences of reality”.

This is not a “get rich quick scheme” it’s thinking outside-the-box and redirecting the revenue stream. MMC®’s programs give you the cash you need today and the security you’ll need tomorrow.

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