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Paying vendors and consultants a flat fee or monthly fee to increase revenue or memberships is absolutely ridiculous. Most of the time, it is the vendor who gets the better end of the deal. If vendors are so confident of their product and/or service, they need to invest their own capital into their ideas just as MMC® does. They need skin in the game; have a vested interest just like the owner does. If their ideas produce an increase in memberships and revenue, then they should share in the success. On the other hand, if their ideas, services and/or products fail, they should suffer the loss as well.

This is why I have so much pushback when it comes to website designers, SEO (search engine optimization) specialists, most health club marketing companies, etc. Most all of these companies are selling services that are completely unbalanced when it comes to value. They get a guaranteed monthly payment and all you are guaranteed is to keep paying every month whether or not their service/product produces results. The vendor also gets free advertisement, your emails to market to their clients, help with their PR (page ranking) from having their name and links on “your” site, etc. This is crazy; they should be building and hosting your site for free with all of the value your club is bringing them.

For example, MMC®’s promotions are 100% risk-free and self-funding. We are only paid if we increase business i.e., bring the club value. We invest our own revenue, hence, having skin in the game just like the owner. Even though our programs do not require any up-front payments nor do we have any long term contracts, the owner is still the one hosting the new memberships and therefor it is he/she who deserves the lion’s share of the revenue. The bottom line…if the owner doesn’t make money he/she doesn’t owe MMC® one dime. Start paying for “results” and not “rhetoric”.

Thank you for partnering with MMC® today in growing your health club and your health and fitness career.

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