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Why Direct Mail Is Far Superior Over Other Media

Direct mail is hands down, the very best way to engage and connect with prospective members. In today’s health club business, everyone wants to rely on email and SMS/mobile health club marketing because they are misguided to believe it is cheap. But this is far from the truth, electronic and mobile marketing is opt-in health club marketing, hence; you have to launch some other type of campaign just to get the prospects to opt-in. The effectiveness of the first campaign will determine the size of list you get for your e-campaigns.

Another very important fact to remember is email and mobile marketing are targeting existing customers/members and are not bringing in “new” business/members.

Incorporating behavioral profiled demographics and direct mail focused on a specific geographical target area puts you in complete control of who you choose to engage and who you choose not to engage as a potential customer.

No other medium of media offers this in-depth customization as to who and where (exactly) your prospects are being targeted.

Some media gives elementary demographics but is delivered to a market far beyond your reach. Some mediums of media provide a more desirable geographical market but lack the in-depth profiling needed for your health club and ROI.

To give you a better visual…think of radio, television, internet, newspaper, social media and most other mediums as a shotgun that fires a shell full of hundreds of small pellets which scatters as soon as they leave the barrel hitting anything and everything. Now imagine a highly qualified sniper possessing a precision riffle and scope with a range of up to one mile (20 miles for targeted direct mail) locking-in on its target and squeezing the trigger. No wasted memberships and definitely no unwanted (undesirables) collateral damage.

Simply put…all other forms of media are like hunting with a shotgun and direct mail is hunting with a precision sniper riffle.

The only thing better than direct mail would be to go to each qualified house in your 20-mile radius, knock on the door and introduce your health club with a PowerPoint presentation. But even then, you would still need the pertinent data to determine the qualified buyer.

Don’t waste marketing dollars on undesirable targets; put your message in the hands of prospective members you would be proud to call members/loyal customers.

Thank you for partnering with MMC® today in growing your health club and your health and fitness career.

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