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Blog 186: Accessibility Health Club Marketing

Accessibility is one of the four major requirements (with action ability, measurability and substantiality) for useful market segmentation, accessibility expresses the notion that the segment targeted must be reached and served adequately by the health club’s promotions and health club’s services.

There are many ways to define a health club’s accessibility, but today, I want to talk about the accessibility as it refers to tearing down barriers for the local health and fitness community to exercise at your health club.

Health clubs in the past have this elitist attitude that only the wealthiest and most prominent/affluent consumers of the community can join their health club and/or workout at their health club. I understand why health clubs chose this route because they wanted to be around members who had the same social, economic, educational, etc., background and therefore all of the members would be compatible with each other.

There is an old saying, “people like people who are like them”. This is very true because part of our makeup as human beings is the desire to be with people who we can relate to and they can relate to us.

One of the things you want to do when running a business, especially in the health club industry and with today’s economic climate is to make your health club more accessible to a larger portion of the health club market.

This does not mean, “drop your pants” and just let anybody in the club but what I am saying is, we need to be more creative and make health and fitness more accessible to more prospective members that are prequalified for your health club membership.

Making health and fitness more accessible to the community does not mean that you have to discount memberships or give the club away like a lot of health clubs are doing today. More access to health and fitness means designing a health club marketing campaign that is attractive and affordable to more prospective members but not lowering the standards of the health club.

Make your health club more accessible to more prospective members and you will grow your health club and your health and fitness career.

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