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Blog 230: Activity Quota Health Club Marketing

Activity quotas are a way to monitor the membership director’s attempts at engaging the prospective member. This is a system designed to make sure your brand is being presented to the members within your community on a regular basis.

Some of the ways health club managers can gauge their membership staff’s activity is by assigning them reports to fill out, listing their different forms of either media or other forms of networking, etc. that they have engaged in as an attempt to capture new members.

There are varieties of ways to inspect what you expect when it comes to your health club membership staff’s activity as it relates to their attempts at recruiting new members. For example, a simple check list of how many e-mails they sent out today, how many calls they made, how many members they conversed with today, how many buddy referrals they got today, how many guests they presented today, etc.

MMC®’s website offers a free download (https://www.healthclubmarketingmmc.com/health-club-marketing-free-download-registration/) which gives you an interview sheet that not only allows you and your staff to interview the potential new member in a professional way and answer their questions but also gives you an opportunity to have something tangible you can keep on file and follow up with at a later time.

There is also a guest registration sheet and a buddy referral sheet available. These are all great tools to use when managing your health club membership staff’s activity and keeping them focused on their goals of growing the health club business.

Activity quotas are very important to give your staff to keep them on target and if you have them put together a report daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly on their quota activity, they will stay more focused on the desired result which is the goal (quota) that you have set for them.

If you desire to increase traffic, to increase revenue, to grow your health club and to grow your health and fitness career, start setting activity quotas for all of your staff and their performance will increase because now they are accountable.

Numbers never lie. If you keep track of your staffs’ activity quota and not solely focus on how many sales they are making but focus on how many contacts they are making, the by-product of a steady increase in contacts will result in an increase in revenue across the board.

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