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Blog 64: Double Jeopardy Health Club Marketing

“Double jeopardy” as defined by Wikipedia (www.wikipedia.org),is an empirical law in marketing where, with few exceptions, the lower market share brands in a market have both far fewer buyers in a time period and also lower brand loyalty.

Double jeopardy health club marketing in health club could be considered triple threat health club marketing. Basically, this is what you do when you are trying to improve your status in the marketplace because at present you possibly have the least amount of consumers, the lowest training session fees, and have the least loyalty built within your brand.

This could be said for about 50% of the health clubs in the United States or even in the world. Every health club is trying to increase daily receivables, raise revenue, and increase member retention. Double jeopardy health club marketing focuses primarily on building your consumer loyalty and increasing training sessions in your health club marketing.

The best way to start this process is referring back to one of my previous blogs which is health club marketing analytics. You need to find out where your health club stands in the marketplace and set a realistic goal to where you want to be after you have launched this kind of health club marketing campaign. Then you must design a plan for your health club marketing efforts which is going to get you to your goal. And your sales acumen is going to be extremely important in this venture as well. If you are not well versed in professional health club membership sales, it is time to take a crashed course.

I recommend in this scenario a “steady Eddie” health club marketing. This is a term I have coined because you need to start raising your rates slightly. You first need to make sure you have a surplus of consumers before you even think of raising your personal training fees, tanning fees, etc. By facilitating “steady Eddie” health club marketing, you will build your brand within your community little by little. You didn’t get where you are today overnight and you definitely will not get to where you want to be overnight either. The key thing is to start your health club marketing today.

Start your Steady Eddie health club marketing campaigns today and you will grow your health club and your health and fitness career.

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