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Blog 51: Double-Loop Health Club Marketing

 “Double-loop marketing” as defined by Wikipedia (www.wikipedia.org) is based upon the notion that in today’s information-rich world, marketing must be a necessity to people and people must be knowledge-driven rather than product-driven. A company must first develop “mind share” by building a site that offers genuinely-useful information and advice to consumers. This is the first loop of the firm’s interaction with customers. Only after such a site achieves credibility among its community of readers can the company, in the second loop of customer interaction, try to convert that “mind share” into “wallet share”; in other words, community first, and then commerce.

Double-loop marketing is the same thing as information marketing, you want to educate your consumer and let them know you are the expert within that given industry e.g., training sessions, health and fitness, or health club marketing. You have to do this by providing the prospect/ member with free information and education. You just can’t say it or claim it, you have to prove it. They want to see that you do have the goods and can you deliver on the goods. They want to see they are going to get the value before entering into a relationship with you.

It is extremely important to start this type of marketing immediately as a professional trainer. You can start this, as have I said many times, by offering free 15-minute personal training or by starting your own blog. Put information on your health club’s website that will give education. Don’t always try to be selling; you have to educate the consumer first. Give the consumer valuable information first. Show the consumer that you are really concerned about him/her first and about yourself second.

The Internet is the greatest tool in the world, but remember, people go to the Internet to get information and education before they buy health club products and/or health club services. They do not rush to their computer to buy the health club product and/or health club service, they rush to their computer to research the health club product and/or health club service and the health club that sells that health club product and/or health club service, they then base their buying decision on the product and company where they feel most comfortable with.

The first loop in health club marketing is educating the consumer and the second loop in health club marketing is locking up the relationship.

Master double-looped health club marketing and you will grow your health club and your health and fitness career.

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