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Blog 11: Health Club Backend Revenue

Too many GMs and Owners put too much emphasis on the upfront investment and locked-in monthly fees and fail to realize the potential “backend” revenue.

Some health clubs feel they have only one chance at selling the new member. Actually, what is most important in the initial visit is to lock up the relationship which will then give you ample time to condition the health club member to spend more in all of the profit centers, giving the health club all kinds of possible backend revenue.

Consumers fall into spending habits and it is extremely difficult to change these entrenched habits. It is far easier to condition these habits at the point of sale during the tour.

In the days of the past health clubs focused primarily on membership sales because that is where the membership coordinator made his/her commission. It is difficult to convince the membership director to sell tanning sessions or protein drinks if there is nothing in it for them.

Believe it or not, today it is far easier to get the new health club member to commit his/her loyalty to the club by simply appealing to their psychological needs.

People have an innate desire to be loved, feel important, contribute, feel secure, experience variety, and grow.

Create programs for your health club members where they can capitalize on these feelings e.g. a variety of different daily specials in your juice bar for the entire month and at the same time offer the best sellers every day for consistency. Change up your group classes but never touch the most popular, etc.

Create programs where your health club members can see themselves growing within the social circles of the club in addition to the physical improvements they are making.

Design programs where the health club members can feel they are contributing to the growth of the health club, their co-members, health and fitness in the community, etc.

And most importantly…give incentives to your staff to get them to highlight the profit centers more on their tours. People want to know; “What is in it for me?”

Find ways to capitalize on backend revenue through your health club marketing campaigns and you will grow your health club and your health and fitness career.

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