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Blog 59: Health Club Marketing Article Video Marketing

Video marketing has been around for a lot longer than most health clubs realize. This form of health club marketing has been done through sales videos and video presentations for many years. It is just beginning to be popular nowadays though, because of YouTube and other social media that allows you to upload videos on the internet. Video marketing is excellent for many reasons. A couple of those reasons are for example, the fact that you can put the presentation together by yourself which gives you the opportunity to personalize every detail on your video making it more appealing to the viewers. Thousands of health club members from around the world can watch your video. Videos are easy to share through the internet via video-sharing social media sites and health club members can also email it to one another or download it from the internet if they want to keep it in their files. Video health club marketing is definitely a great tool to establish your brand in the marketplace.

“Article video marketing” is simply putting together an article about the health and fitness industry or some aspect of health club and then transforming it into a video. Article health club marketing videos help you entertain the health club members as opposed to just tapping into the audio portion where the health club members are just listening, now they are more entertained through the customized animation you have in your video. This is an excellent way to get across some educational information to the health club members and it is also a way to improve your brand and become known as the “go-to” health club within your community for health education and health club information.

Article health club marketing videos are normally 2-5 minutes long and you can upload it on your own website. You can have a new health club marketing article video up every week discussing a different aspect of the health club industry itself or just about anything that you can think of that the health club members want to know about health club. Make a little one to three-minute health club marketing article video at least once a month just to keep entertaining the health club member and also to keep them coming back to your site.

At MMC®, we put together a lot of videos and then we create interest so people want to come back to our website (www.healthclubmarketingmmc.com) which allows us to continue giving them invaluable information.

Start making some health club marketing article videos for your health club and you will grow your health club and your health and fitness career.

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