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Blog 73: Health Club Marketing Brand Language

“Brand language” as defined by Wikipedia.org, is the body of words, phrases, and terms that an organization uses to describe its purpose or in reference to its products. Brand language is used in marketing to help consumers connect specific words or ideas to specific companies or products. When developing a brand language, word choice and tone are the two fundamental components. Word choice is the vocabulary that is used in the marketing or advertising, while tone refers to the attitude of the advertisement. The tone is not limited to language; it can also be incorporated through visual elements as well as delivery.

Start thinking of some buzzwords, keywords, or phrases you know is going to connect with your local prospective members. Think of your market; think of some of the characteristics you would love to know about a health club if you were in the prospective member’s shoes. Think of things that would attract you. Think of emotional words that would trigger your positive emotions and incorporate them into your health club marketing and health club advertising.

You want to make sure that your prospective members and your community are going to associate nothing but good feelings and positive emotions towards your health club and it is up to you to assure this through your health club marketing. You can do this with just simple little phrases like MMC® does with our own health club marketing campaigns to attract new clients. We made sure, growing your health club and growing your health and fitness career are all keywords that emphasize the meaning of what we do through our health club marketing campaigns for our clients.

Find keywords that are going to get across what your health club property wants to communicate to the prospective members. Also, think of keywords you want people to associate to your brand when it comes to your health club products and your health club services that meet the prospective member’s emotional needs.

Incorporate brand language into your health club marketing campaigns and you will grow your health club and your health and fitness career.

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