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Blog 129: Health Club Marketing Buying Decisions

Buying decisions are the different buying situations a buyer would face in the course of purchasing a health club product or health club service to satisfy a specific need. The two most important buying decisions can be distinguished as product and/or service decision, deciding on which health club product(s) and/or health club service(s) will be purchased with the available resources and brand decision, i.e., deciding on which brand(s) will be purchased among competing health clubs of the same health club products and/or health club services.

Now that we know what the different buying decisions are, let us now talk about how we get the prospective member to make a buying decision today. On MMC®’s website, you can get a free download (https://www.healthclubmarketingmmc.com/hc-free-download-registration/) on professional health club membership sales. This download will include an in-depth, step-by-step training guide of how to engage, capture and lock up relationships with the health and fitness conscientious and deconditioned market.

In the free download, you will learn how to properly answer the phone to get pertinent information which are the prospective member’s name, phone number, e-mail address and setting up the appointment to get the prospective member to come into the health club.

You will learn how to conduct a professional interview with the prospective member. Keep in mind that in the interview, you are just simply practicing your listening skills; you are gathering the information that the prospective member provides you on why he or she is at the health club today and listen carefully to what his/her goals are, what his/her desires are, etc. With this information, you will then know how to tour them around the health club.

When prospective member comes to a health club and he/she is interested in purchasing a health club membership, a lot of times the prospective member is left alone to fend for himself/herself. They just roam around and train by themselves. This is not the way a proper tour is given and this lack of interest in the prospective member is never going to acquire the new member.

Once you have gathered their information and know what captures the prospective member’s interest, you need to be able to set up your tour to where you are going in the area that is most interesting for the prospective member last because you will then go into the closing part of the sale which is locking up the relationship when the tour ends on the prospective member’s primary interest. But the sale is not where the prospective member makes their buying decision; they make their buying decision through the tour while you satisfy their emotional needs. So keep in mind every step of the tour, up to the point-of-sale, is when and where the prospective member has made their buying decision.

Incorporate buying decisions triggers into your health club marketing and you will grow your health club and your health and fitness career.

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