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Blog 94: Health Club Marketing Coupons

If you are in charge of a health club, you are more than likely somewhat in charge of your health club marketing and growing your health club. You need to be able to look at every aspect of health club marketing and use every means possible when it comes to growing your health club.

One of the mediums of media that people usually overlook is the medium of coupons. A lot of health clubs don’t like to use coupons because they think it cheapens their health club or devalues their brand. This is not the case at all if done properly. The key thing whenever using coupons is to make sure that you are really not discounting your health club products and health club services.

Everything in life is perception (because people’s perception is their reality). Your brand (image) requires that you get the member to perceive the value of the discount they are getting as an enormous deal and at the same time making sure that you are not tarnishing your brand in the marketplace.

This is a delicate balancing act but it can be accomplished easily with the proper health club marketing campaigns. Look at your health club marketing programs and review what you have to offer; your profit centers, your health club memberships, your training fees, and all the different possible revenue sources you can design a coupon health club marketing campaign around those program that will drive traffic to your health club.

Find out how you can present it to where it is very attractive to the public but yet is not devaluing the health club product and health club service you are promoting.

Coupons are a great vehicle to use to get members in the door when you are looking at health club marketing options. When looking at all the different types of members keep in mind that there are some members who love coupons so if you are going to target them (even if you don’t want to target anybody who’s looking for coupon deals) you must have this arrow in your health club marketing quiver. You do not have the luxury of picking and choosing which medium of media your demographics is going to respond to so you better know how to enlist them all.

You want to be able to create a health club product for all demographics within reason that can afford health and fitness and fits your health club’s member profile. If they have the financial means to join a health club you want to be able to target them with coupons or whatever media is most effective.

Coupons can be presented in numerous ways. You can put coupons in the newspapers, you can put coupons in direct mail pieces, you can send out electronic coupons, etc. The key is to design the coupon health club marketing campaign which has a perceived value offering enormous savings that is going to be very attractive to the prospective member and yet does not give health and fitness away or take away from the bottom line of the health club. Think outside-the-box and you will come up with a great way to use coupons in your health club marketing strategy.

Incorporate a coupon health club marketing strategy and you will grow your health club and your health and fitness career.

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