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Blog 147: Health Club Marketing Customization

MMC® specializes in customizing no-risk/self-funding member acquisition marketing campaigns unique to each health club’s business model’s needs. Each of our programs are custom-designed from cost to content.

There is no cookie-cutter health club marketing campaign that will work for every health club in the world. All health clubs are unique in their own way, whether it’s demographic, social, economic, etc. There are numerous differences in every project that makes it an absolute must to customize the program to fit the health club’s unique needs.

When it comes to health club marketing, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. You must take into consideration all of the nuances of the health club and the health club products and/or health club’s services.

Every owner has his/her own idea of his/her desired results. It is your job as the health club marketer to understand what it is that is expected of you and the campaign you are designing so it completely meets the needs of the owner.

The key thing to start with is to make sure you know the desired outcome. For example, if your health club wants to increase traffic but doesn’t want to lower your membership rates, your goal is to customize your health club marketing campaign around increasing traffic, while focusing on staying within the current rate structure for the health club membership.

Another example that can be used; your owner might wish to raise a lot of cash immediately. If that is the case, then you want to design a program that is going to be concentrating on upfront cash collected.

There are literally thousands of different ways a health club marketing campaign can be customized and it will all be determined by what your goals are and the end result you are looking to achieve is.

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