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Blog 169: Health Club Marketing: Decay of a Learned Response

Decay of a learned response as defined by www.marketingpower.com, is the fading of memory of a specific learned response. Because forgetting is a controversial issue among learning theorists-some claiming that nothing is ever forgotten-the terms decay of advertising effects or decay of a learned response are more accurate for the process of forgetting.

This is a perfect example of why I tell our health clubs every day that they must stay in the prospective member’s mind frequently. The reason why I say this is, prospective members tend to forget what they have seen or learned about your health club.

Health club marketing is essential to keep your brand at the forefront of prospective member’s mind. You have to continuously educate the prospective member and remind them of your brand. You have to engage them at least once a month, preferably once a week, but not overdoing it; just consistently going out there with something of value.

This is one of the reasons why I try to get health club professionals to put a blog on their websites so it gives people (prospective members) new education and information on health and fitness. It is also a great thing to do just for branding and marketing campaigns.

Send out titbits of tips on health and fitness, about training, about the etiquette of health clubs, or just anything about health and fitness that is informative and educational to stay on the prospective member’s mind.

It is so easy for prospective members to forget that your health club even exists. You can be 1 mile down the road and prospective members drive by your health club a hundred times every year and they still don’t place you in the forefront when they are deciding where to train.

By designing a professional health club marketing campaign and putting together a branding strategy for your health club, you are going to be able to eliminate people (prospective members) decay or simply forgetting your name, your image and/or your brand.

Whenever somebody mentions the word health club or mentions working out, you want your health club to be the first thing on their lips. Health club marketing and branding, if done consistently, will absolutely grow your health club and your health and fitness career.

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