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Blog 218: Health Club Marketing Demo

Most marketers define demonstration marketing as the physical presentation by the sales person to the prospect of how a product works or the services they offer; a demo is usually free of charge to the prospect and used as a tool to help sell the product or service.

Demonstration marketing for health club products and/or health club services is a fantastic way to draw in and engage the prospective member/customer. Demonstrations work well because the prospective member has the opportunity to see and experience the health club product and/or health club service before he or she purchases the health club product and/or health club service.

I love demonstration health club marketing because it gives a hands-on idea of what the prospective member can expect from his/her new health club home. For example, free training sessions, free tanning sessions, etc., are great demonstration health club marketing tools that can help you when engaging the prospective member.

The challenge for these types of events is having too many prospects and losing control of the prospective members. I have seen this scenario unfold at many in health clubs where they have a member appreciation day and allow their prospective members to bring in a buddy and let them train in the health club free for the day. The challenge here is, you have no way of engaging each of the prospective member’s guests individually due to sheer volume.

I like to do my demonstration health club marketing in a very limited and controlled setting, so I am able to engage each of the prospective member’s guest one on one. So for example, you might want to do a free training session and leave the enrolment to the first ten guests or you might want to have a member appreciation day for all your top-tier members. Let’s say, you have one weekend event for the health club platinum membership, another weekend event for your health club gold membership and then another weekend event for your health club silver membership. This way, you have a chance to engage each one of the member’s guests.

During this time, it is imperative that you get all of their pertinent information so you can always follow up with them, not trying to sell them but just engaging them so they are aware, at all times, of your health club and your customer service.

The key to demonstration health club marketing is to give the prospective member value. Give them value and they will (eventually, if not now) join your health club. Demonstration health club marketing is absolutely one of the best arrows you can have in your health club marketing quiver.

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