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Blog 168: Health Club Marketing: FAQ

FAQ is a commonly used abbreviation for “Frequently Asked Questions.” Most Internet sites will have a “FAQ” section to explain what is on the website and attempts to answer the most frequently asked questions about the health club.

It is my humble opinion there should be a section for frequently asked questions (FAQ) on all websites. Prospective members are looking to get information when they surf the Internet. We live in an information world so it is important you are able to provide as much information and education as possible on your website that can help your prospective member make an informed buying decision today.

By having a FAQ tab, your prospective members can go straight to the FAQ section and see if their question(s) has been addressed and therefore, get the answers immediately. This tool can be useful to help you overcome the prospective member’s anxieties about possibly joining your health club’s membership.

Every industry has a certain number of frequently asked questions that you can compile then provide the answers to those questions. These questions can be about health club membership, about the health club’s mission statement, about the benefits of being a member of your health club, etc. This section can cover a wide range of topics, therefore, directs the prospective member into making a buying decision today.

On MMC®’s website we have a tab for FAQ (https://www.healthclubmarketingmmc.com/health-club-marketing-faq/), where we have a dozen or more questions that are frequently asked and we supply the detailed answers to those questions.

In most sales organizations, they prefer not to put a FAQ section on their websites because they prefer their salespeople to get the prospect in the door or on the phone so they have more control of the presentation.

I disagree with this strategy, because in today’s way of conducting business, we must provide the information on our sites so the consumer (prospective member) has an opportunity to gather the information and do their due -diligence in their own way.

Frequently asked questions and their answers provided on your website or in your media kit can be an excellent way to grow your health club.

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