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Blog 54: Health Club Marketing Low-End Market

Low-end health club marketing is not for everyone. If you run an exclusive health club, this type of health club, marketing is probably not for you but if you have a health club that offers memberships below $20 a month, this is a market you may want to tap into. This is an area of the market that where you can capitalize on because there are far more prospective members who can afford a twenty-dollar membership than a fifty-dollar membership. You don’t have to give memberships away but you can put together a package that is more affordable for some of the other prospects/ members in your area.

You can accomplish this in several different ways with a little creative health club marketing. For example, you can use low-end health club marketing as a way to fill in your off-peak times like a lot of health clubs do with groupon (although I prefer not to use discount third party vendors because it only diminishes your brand and gives you no chance to lock-up new relationships). You can also incorporate low-end health club marketing with your personal training to increase revenue in your profit centers. You can even set up different types of little packages like some health clubs do with off-peak memberships It’s up to you to find the times on your tee sheet where this health club marketing concept is applicable. Think outside the box to find the perfect fit in your business model to incorporate low-end marketing.

Most health clubs are already facilitating this form of health club marketing. They do it by having off-peak memberships. Note, that this health club marketing concept is focusing on the consumers who either don’t have or are not willing to pay the rack rate fees. This is an excellent opportunity for you to increase memberships and raise revenue through your profit centers.

The key thing is to think outside the box. Don’t get stuck on your published rates. This is not discounting. This is simply taking your off-peak times and maximizing their earning potential. This is a great way to put together some packages that will draw in some new revenue in your health club.

Look for opportunities to incorporate low-end health club marketing for your health club and you will grow your health club and your health and fitness career.

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