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Blog 102: Health Club Marketing Motivation

Health club marketing motivation is really a very controversial topic because a lot of people feel that you can only be motivated by yourself. Motivation is an internal thing as opposed to an external thing but there are many ways to motivate people to make a decision or to at least take a look at your health club product and/or health club service.

Motivation is very important to get people to get up off their butts and get them into the health club. In our position, as health club marketers, we want to motivate the prospective member to come to our health club as opposed to going to our competitor’s health club.

Motivating prospective members through your health club marketing is not very difficult. Just focus on what is the desired end result, e.g., capturing the desire of the prospective member to make a health club purchase of either a health club membership or to purchase your health and fitness products and/or services.

It is easy to engage the prospective member and start a conversation with a goal to motivate them to choose your health club. I say this is easy for health club marketing professionals who have done this for many years; but when you are trying to do this for the first, second, third, fourth, or even 100th time, it can be challenging.

The key thing is always focus on what it is the prospective member wants. Keep in mind and you will be able to motivate the prospective member to come to your health club. Motivation is just thinking about what motivates you to pull your gym bag out of the closet and proceed to the health club.

Think of the things that motivate you, maybe the love of health and fitness, maybe it’s the quality time with your buddies, etc. There are a certain percentage of the population out there that has the same motivating triggers as you have. Think about what it takes to motivate you to get to the health club and use that as your starting point to motivate other prospective members.

When you learn how to use motivation in your health club marketing, you will grow your health club and your health and fitness career.

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