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Blog 211: Health Club Marketing Sleeping Beauty

When you think of the term sleeping beauty, you are usually thinking of some type of corporate venture, takeover (hostile or friendly), but what most health club owners don’t understand is, there are a lot of businessmen and women out their looking at your health club as a sleeping beauty just ripe for a takeover. I am always thinking outside of the box so I look at every angle when it comes to the health club business and I know I am not alone. Businesspeople are looking for companies that are under-performing and have the potential to bring an enormous return on their investment. A lot of health clubs fall into this category.

Most health clubs I have visited are under-performing. What I mean by this is, most health clubs have undiscovered revenue, for what I term as “lost leader (revenue)”, that is just waiting to be harvested. I would venture to say, 80% of the health clubs that I have visited have enormous potential of growing their health club by leaps and bounds but for some reason, they lack the motivation or courage to explore the possibilities and options available to them to maximize their resources.

What health club owners fail to understand is, there are businesspeople out there looking at their club as a sleeping beauty just waiting for the perfect (club’s weakest) time to make their move. Most health clubs think of businesspeople wanting to buy them out as an investment or to turn the health club into a real estate project. But that’s not always the case; sleeping beauties can be the business itself not necessarily only the real estate.

When a health club is under-performing and has the potential of bringing in enormous returns, somebody out there is going to know that, but they are going to buy it as an investment which means, they will wait until the health club is run into the ground financially and looks worthless on paper. Then what they will do is, scoop it up for pennies on the dollar and turn it into the revenue producing business it should have always been.

Think of your health club as a sleeping beauty and discover its hidden revenue potential and you will learn how to grow your health club and your health and fitness career.

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