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Blog 65: Heavy Up Health Club Marketing

“Heavy up” health club marketing is the perfect way to describe what most health clubs should be focusing on since health club prime seasons are January, February, and March. Most health club marketers fail to look at health club marketing this way. Normally, most health club directors and general managers get ready when the health club season starts, when they should be prepared far before getting all geared up for the health club season. A lot of health club directors and general managers say, “I don’t have time for health club marketing right now and I will just wait until the end of the season.” But towards the end of the season, they start closing everything out getting ready for the offseason, and at this time they will start wishing they had done the health club marketing in advance.

The way I look at marketing a health club, it is important to heavy up on your health club marketing efforts before your season starts and before your season is starting to die down. This means, upon entering your health club season, you should have a huge health club marketing campaign and as your health club season starts to close out, you should also have another huge health club marketing campaign ready to attract new members. This way, you are getting the deconditioned consumers before the season starts and you also get the consumers who are health and fitness conscientious but recently have stopped to hit the gym. Get those prospective members to commit to a health club loyalty program and heavy up on your health club marketing campaigns before it’s too late.

Have your health club marketing campaigns set up in advance. Make sure that you have this year’s health club marketing programs set up where you can go right into the season feeling comfortable and not worrying. Get out from hoping for the good weather and be prepared for the off-season. Don’t put yourself in a scenario wherein the middle of your season, you will be saying, “Where are my members?”, etc. This is not the scenario you want to be in “again” this year.

Heavy up on your health club marketing this year and you will grow your health club and your health and fitness career.

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