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Blog 61: Integrated Health Club Marketing Communications

Integrated health club marketing communications is a topic that I have preached for twenty (20) plus years. I have always believed that health club marketing and professional health club sales should be in the same house. You should always have health club marketing gurus and health club’s sales team working hand-in-hand. Health club marketing is simply selling to the masses while professional health club sales is selling one on one.

If your health club marketing team is not sharing with your health club sales team what the overall goal is of the health club marketing campaign, the message you want your brand to convey to the health club members, etc., then you are wasting time. You are spinning your wheels but you are never going to be successful because the message that your health club marketing campaign is projecting is the exact message your sales team should be presenting.

When you talk about integrated marketing communications, you are also speaking about your social media, your newspaper ads, radio, and your website. All of these entities must work as one. They must all be saying the same message to maintain consistency.

You might want to go to our website and get our “Health club free download” (https://www.healthclubmarketingmmc.com/free-download/) which also has a form that talks about getting everybody on the same page within your health club. You want to make sure that everyone is conveying the same message whether it’s the general manager, the membership director, the person at the front counter, the bookkeeper, etc.; everybody needs to be delivering the same message. But this doesn’t mean that the same person should act like robots. What I mean is, there is a message you want to get across to the health club members and you want that message to be consistent so all of the staff in the health club should know exactly what message you want to convey. For example, does everyone know your mission statement, does everyone know what the history of the health club is, does everyone know the direction the health club is going, etc.?

Consistency is the key in making this integrated health club marketing communication successful; inspect what you expect.

Start integrating your health club marketing communications and you will grow your health club and your health and fitness career.

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