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Blog 182: Middle of the Road Health Club Marketing

According to www.businessdictionary.com, middle-of-the road marketing is an expression that refers to businesses that target customers in the median range of income or spending tendencies, or focus on delivering a level of quality between high and low level in order to capture the broadest possible market segment. The middle-of-the-road strategy sometimes produces good results, but may also lose ground to competitors selling to niche markets.

Again, it is important to emphasize that each health club is a case-by-case study. But in a lot of cases, middle-of-the-road health club marketing is applicable just like in niche health club marketing wherein you are marketing to a given profile e.g. marketing to the higher-end consumer.

Middle-of-the-road health club marketing is almost the same as niche health club marketing, but this type of health club marketing, in my opinion, is going for the middle class and upper middle-class prospective members. This is a perfect health club marketing strategy for middle-of-the-road health clubs who are charging anywhere between $19 and $39 for membership dues.

Middle-of-the-road health club marketing helps you profile your prospective member a little better. Knowing the income and age bracket of the prospective members you are looking to target gives you a better understanding of the demographic of your target market.

Even if you are not a health club with a higher price point, you can design some health club marketing strategies that will bring in the middle-of-the-road health and fitness market. Set up different programs to engage middle class and upper middle-class prospective members whether it’s a tournament or just a simple visit to your facility, etc.

There are lots of different strategies you can build around a middle-of-the-road health club marketing campaign. The idea is to get new members for the health club.

If you fall within that range that allows you to target the middle-of-the-road health club market, it opens up your target area to a much larger audience, therefore, putting you in a much stronger position to capture more prospective members to help you grow your health club and your health and fitness career.

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