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Blog 177: Objective and Task Method Health Club Marketing

Objective and task method as defined by businessdictionary.com is an advertising expense budgeting method based on the (1) results to be achieved, (2) strategies and tactics required to achieve those results, and (3) costs associated with those strategies and tactics.

Objective and task method is just a simple strategy for goal setting. You just want to know what it is you want to accomplish, how you are going to accomplish it and what are going to be the associated costs, etc.

Again, this is a simple form of goal setting and you are just applying it to your health club marketing campaigns. But remember, I always add an additional step to any goal setting and that is, adjust to the results you are getting.

What I mean by this is not to readjust your goal because you should always stay true to your goal or improve your goal. What you must do, which most health club owners forget, is you have to adjust to the results you are getting from your health club marketing efforts. You have to be able to adjust to the obstacles that are inevitably going to come up. You have to adjust it to the environment, to the consumers (prospective members), etc.

All of these entities are possibilities that can derail your plan if you are not prepared to adjust along the way. You will more than likely reach your goal if you are focused but if you only have one plan of attack, and if it fails, you are out of the game.

So what you have to do is simply create a list of exactly what it is you want to accomplish with this health club marketing campaign. Make a list of everything you want to accomplish, not only the revenue you want to raise but the result you want to produce; then come up with a strategy.

What is going to be your game plan, what is the vehicle you are going to use to deliver your message, what is the message you want to convey to the prospective member, etc.

Understand, you must take time to think it through and know exactly how you want to accomplish your goal then make a plan A, plan B and even a plan C so you are prepared to make adjustments for every obstacle you will encounter.

Knowing the cost and the return on investment (ROI) of any health club marketing campaign is elementary. You must know how much it is going to cost you to launch this health club marketing campaign and what is going to be your expected return on investment (ROI).

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