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Blog 175: Peak Season Health Club Marketing

All of you are familiar with the term peak season. When you are designing your health club marketing strategy for the year, everything should be dictated by your peak season. You want to make sure you maximize your branding advertisement throughout the year and then maximize your member acquisition programs through your peak season.

This is the way the average health club should set up their health club marketing strategy. You should set it up where you are working on building your brand and keeping your health club’s name in the minds of every prospective member/member throughout the entire year. Then before you go into your peak season, you want to start capturing and acquiring new members.

This is the opposite of what MMC® does. MMC® can capture new members during peak season as well as off-peak season.

When MMC® targets prospective members; we have the ability to get them to respond to our health club marketing efforts any time of the year.

In fact, most health clubs that hire us to run member acquisition programs for them normally come to us after peak season. The reason for this is they feel that they cannot handle the volume during peak season. But in all actuality, they really could handle the additional members because of the way MMC® has designed our programs to be non-evasive even during peak seasons.

Although MMC®, in most cases, increases memberships by approximately 1,200 new members per year; most health clubs can accommodate those memberships because MMC® sets those memberships up during off-peak times and days. So it is not necessary to wait until your peak season is over to contact MMC®.

If your interest is in growing your health club and your health and fitness career, the peak season is actually the best time to contact MMC® because during that time, health and fitness is at the forefront of every prospective member’s mind. So market your health club, increase your membership base and capitalize on the numerous opportunities of your peak season.

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