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Blog 70: Permission-Based Health Club Marketing

Permission health club marketing is becoming more and more popular because it eliminates marketers from hassling consumers at home, through their emails, telemarketing, text messaging, etc. It gives prospective members more control over the marketers who are trying to engage them and procure their business.

Permission health club marketing is most commonly known in email health club marketing. This is why when list companies tell you they are going to sell you a health club email list, you should stay away from them because you are not supposed to buy health club mass email lists to market your health club. When marketers say they can provide you health club email list that should be an enormous red flag and remind yourself these marketers don’t know what they are doing. Email marketing is a permission-based health club marketing campaign. You can go and get new (prospective members) members’ names and addresses one by one and send them an informational email as long as they have an option to opt out of your health club email list.

In some cases, MMC® has run into clients that say all they want is to buy a health club email list and we let them know immediately that we don’t sell health club email list nor do we buy health club email list. The reason is because no matter how much you pay for a health club email list, it is not considered ethical in Email marketing. You want to make sure when you are dealing with permission-based health club marketing campaigns; you have acquired the recipients’ permission to send them an email through a legitimate source.

This is another challenge that I have with SMS messaging because it is a permission-based health club marketing that requires initial marketing campaigns to get the prospective member’s permission and capture their pertinent information before launching the SMS health club marketing campaign.

The bright side of permission-based health club marketing is that you have made inroads in building a relationship with the prospective member and now he/ she moves into the warm prospect category.

Incorporate permission-based campaigns into your health club marketing and you will grow your health club and your health and fitness career.

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