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Blog 197: Right Time Health Club Marketing

Right time marketing is imperative to the growth of your health club. The old adage “timing is everything” is so true, especially when it comes to health club marketing.

We are all aware of the times, depending on our season, when prospective members are starting to pull their gym bags out of the closet, we are aware of the times when prospective members are putting up their gym bags and we are aware of the times when prospective members have their gym bags out. This is the foundation of using the fundamentals of right time marketing in your health club marketing strategy.

Right time marketing is simply making sure that you are able to deliver the desired message to the prospective member at the right time.

I always start my year off by designing a marketing strategy for the entire year. I do this normally in January and it is not to be confused with a “New Year’s resolution” because this is not a once a year “wish list” of to do’s when it comes to marketing your health club. It is a year-round necessity because no matter how successful you are, there is always going to be a necessity for health club marketing.

Even the most successful health clubs out there need advertising, whether the advertising is just branding e.g., image advertising or to acquire new health members, every health club still must advertise.

Even the most exclusive health clubs in the world advertise. They advertise through word-of-mouth and through their reputation, through some of the famous athletes, actors and actresses that have trained in their health club, etc. No matter what vehicles are being used, they are still advertising.

But for those health clubs that need to acquire new members, you must lay out a health club marketing strategy for the year. The best place to start is, with right-time-marketing. Put together a health club marketing campaign for the month before the season starts, then another one during the season and another campaign for the end of the season.

Your focus should be on acquiring new members and with right-time health club marketing, you are going to grow your health club and your health and fitness career.

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